Ubuntu 14.04 review


Released on April 17, 2014, Ubuntu 14.04 is the latest Long Term Support release of the world’s most popular open-source operating system.

Did you know that Ubuntu OpenStack sits at the heart of cloud infrastructure at some of the world’s largest and most innovative companies?

#1: Smaller Unity Launcher

#2: Raise Volume Past 100%

#3: Locally Integrated Menus

#4: Full Menus

#5: Antialiased Windows

#6: Faster Lock Screen Shortcut

#7: Live Window Resizing


Recently upgraded my client that sells home insurance in Atlanta.

So far they love it and commented on how easy it is to use.

I also picked up a new client this week that does AC repair in McDonough.

They are a small mom and pop shop and need help with their computers.

Anyway back to Ubuntu 14.04.
But what’s new in the latest ubunto release? If you can spare two minutes, you’ll soon find out as you watch the video above.